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Allentown, PA Septic Tank Services by Tim Beil Plumbing

It’s critically important that your septic tank be taken care of throughout its years of service. As you know already, that means regular septic tank pumping as well as taking care of any further maintenance and repairs as necessary. Sometimes, that also means replacing your tank with a new model. Handling septic tanks is obviously a job fit for a professional plumber, and we specialize in handling all aspects of septic tank services. Whether you’re moving into a new home and want to make sure you start off on the right foot with a new septic tank or you find that your existing tank needs to be fixed, we can assist you.

Tim Beil Plumbing provides septic tank services in Allentown, PA and the surrounding areas.

The Importance of Septic Systems

If you want a clean, pleasant–smelling, hygienic home, then you also want a reliable and effective septic tank. The septic tank is one of the most crucial aspects of the drain and sewer system, being the spot at which your wastewater is separated into gray water and solid waste. The gray water then seeps out into the drain field, while the solid waste falls to the bottom of the tank. The septic tank is not only important for the sake of your environment, but also for the sake of your entire plumbing system.

Our Septic Service

If you want to make sure that your septic pump is installed correctly or your tank repaired, we can assist you. Our septic tank services throughout the area aim to be as comprehensive as possible. Contact our team today to get started, and we’ll be right over.

Septic Tank Installation

If you want to make sure that your septic tank lasts for a good long time, then make sure it’s professionally installed. Our septic tank installation service is comprehensive, and we make sure it’s done right the first time.

Septic Tank Repair

If you find that your wastewater disposal system is not working as it should, then just let us know. It could be a problem with the septic tank. We offer exceptional septic tank repair services throughout the area.

Sewage Pump

In certain instances, a sewage pump is required to ensure the timely and effective removal of wastewater from a bathroom or drain in the home. We can advise you about whether your home would be much improved with one of these devices.

Effluent Pump

An effluent pump is designed to pressurize the removal of gray water from your septic tank into the drain field. It’s necessary in certain applications. We install and service them. Call the plumbers at Tim Beil Plumbing today to learn more about our effluent pump services.