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Sewage Pump Services in Allentown, PA by Tim Beil Plumbing

Gravity suffices for many homes when it comes to the force that moves sewage out into the municipal sewer system or into a septic tank. It’s simple and doesn’t require any outside energy source. However, not every home sits in an ideal spot to allow gravity to carry out the work. If a home stands in a position where either the municipal sewer line or the septic tank sits at a higher elevation, gravity simply won’t get the job done. A sewage pump is necessary to push the wastewater along the pipeline to the tank or the sewer main.

Does your home require a sewer pump to safely get rid of wastewater? Then you will need to contact professionals to install a sewage pump to do the work. Tim Beil Plumbing has the many years of experience necessary to see that you have the right pump for the job and that it is connected correctly. We also take care of repair and maintenance for sewage pumps so they continue to operate for many years without causing you worry.

The experts at Tim Beil Plumbing offer installation, repair, maintenance and other sewage pump services in Allentown, PA and the surrounding areas.

Finding the Right Sewage Pump

There is no "one–size–fits–all" sewage pump for homes. These pumps are designed specifically to be able to eject solid waste along with liquid waste, which is what separates them from sump pumps. The sewage pump not only ejects the solid waste, it helps break it down. This makes it especially important that you have the correct type of sewage pump sized to handle your home’s needs.

You should not make the choice of pump yourself: since you will eventually need professionals to install the device, have them involved from the very beginning to help you find a sewage pump that is both durable and capable of doing the exact job you need from it. Once you have the right pump, leave the installation work to the professionals: it’s a tricky and rather messy job, and you don’t want to be involved with it if you can help it! The installers will have the job done fast and leave you with a pump that operates just as it should.

Sewage Pump Maintenance and Repairs

A sewage pump does an enormous amount of work in a home, and the wear and tear on it will make it susceptible to breaking down at some point. Scheduling routine maintenance service for it, along with other parts of your plumbing and drainage system, will help protect you from abrupt and unpleasant malfunctions.

But if those malfunctions happen anyway, call on professionals immediately to repair it. If you notice backed up drains around your house or foul odors coming from your drains, you may have a busted sewage pump. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen! Summon technicians to locate the problem and repair it.

We Offer Sewage Pump Services

If you live in a home that depends upon a sewage pump, make Tim Beil Plumbing the contractor you call whenever you need service. We will install a new pump, replace a failed older one, and take care of the maintenance and repair work to keep the pump dependable.