Signs That You Have a Hard Water Problem

Hard water is one of the more serious problems that a home’s plumbing system can face. Prolonged exposure to hard water creates lime scale, a mineral deposit that can clog up pipes and require their replacement. Since you probably aren’t examining the inside of your pipes on a regular basis, you’re going to have to keep an eye out for more obvious symptoms if you want to catch lime scale before it’s too late. Let’s examine some of the signs that you have a hard water problem, and that you need a water softener.

Calcium Deposits

Hard water doesn’t just affect pipes. Any surface that has prolonged exposure to it will eventually develop mineral deposits. That means that you should keep an eye on visible parts of your home for signs of those deposits. If you see a chalky, white substance building up in your shower, or around your faucets, that’s the result of hard water. You should call a plumber to examine your plumbing pipes if you see these deposits.

Loss of Water Pressure

As lime scale becomes more advanced inside a pipe, it begins to restrict the flow of water through the pipe. This happens slowly, but it does become noticeable after a time. If your water pressure seems to be dropping more and more over the course of a few months, it means that you definitely have some sort of obstruction forming in your pipes. There’s a good chance that obstruction is lime scale.

For a closer look at hard water problems, we provide a variety of water softener solutions.

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