Why You Should Schedule Pipe Inspection Once a Year

Part of the difficulty with keeping your sewer line in good condition is that it is largely hidden from view. For many years, the only way to identify a sewer line problem before it inflicted serious damage was to physically examine the pipes. Since that meant tearing up the lawn or slab, most homeowners chose to wait for symptoms to present themselves instead of pursuing proactive maintenance. Fortunately, we now have better ways of checking the condition of your sewer line. Let’s take a look at video pipeline inspection, and why you should schedule it at least once a year.

What Is Pipe Inspection?

Pipe inspection involves inserting a long fiber optic cable into your drain, with a small camera attached to the end of it. The camera is equipped with small wheels, which allow it to move through the pipe and send video feed back to the operator. This allows your plumber to identify problems with your pipes before they have the chance to become more serious. Once the inspection is complete, the camera is withdrawn and any problems can be repaired.

Why Annual Pipe Inspection Is Important

Waiting for plumbing problems to start makes them likely to be worse. Most issues with your plumbing system aren’t noticed until the damage is advanced. The repair now becomes urgent, because every time you use water or flush toilets it is backing up into your house. Pipe inspection can detect breaks, roots and bellies in the line before they become a serious problem. With this in mind, the work can be done at your convenience instead of under emergency circumstances.

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