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Drain Cleaning in the Lehigh Valley

Keeping Your Drains in Perfect Working Order

Are you struggling with drains that simply do not work? Are you frustrated by having to break out the plunger on a regular basis? Do you want to make sure that your drain system functions properly for years to come? When it comes to plumbing maintenance, look no further than Tim Beil Plumbing. We can make sure that your drains are cleaned safely and thoroughly to ensure that your wastewater is disposed of properly at all times. There is no reason to damage your drains with harsh chemical cleaners. Let the plumbing experts on our team handle your clogged drain and other drain cleaning services.

As a leading plumbing company in the area, we take pride in our ability to come up with exceptional solutions for our clients. Drain cleaning is something that may not be high on your to-do list, but it can save you some major inconveniences down the road. Contact us today to learn more about this fast and effective service, or if you have a clogged drain that needs to be taken care of.

Tim Beil Plumbing provides drain cleaning services in the Lehigh Valley, Northampton County, and the surrounding areas. Call (610) 624-8768 to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.

Do You Have a Clogged Drain?

Clogged drains occur for a variety of reasons. Considering the various types of organic waste that flow down our drain pipes, it’s hardly surprising that a clog could leave you unable to finish washing the dishes or prevent you from having a pleasant shower. Drain cleaning is the best remedy for a clogged drain but not all methods of drain cleaning are alike.

For example, while using the harsh chemicals that you can purchase at a local hardware store may temporarily assist you with a clogged drain, that problem will likely return. Such chemicals not only lack consistent results but they can also damage the interior of your drains. As you can well imagine, such damage could potentially lead to premature pipe replacement, which can be quite costly and should be avoided whenever possible.

The Best Way to Unclog Drains: Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Our drain cleaning service in the Lehigh Valley is not only safe for your drainpipes, it is also highly effective and efficient. In no time at all, we’ll make sure that your drains move water quickly into the sewer system so that you can get back to your normal day-to-day routine. Whether you need to unclog a drain right now or your drains are just a bit slow, our professional drain cleaning service is a great way to boost the longevity of your drainpipes, reduce the risks of clogging, and avoid the inconveniences that clogged drains cause.

After decades of experience, we have found that sectional cables are the most effective when it comes to drain cleaning. Even though this type of equipment may be slightly more expensive to use, it delivers superior results. Other types of machines tend to bind up easily in larger pipes.

Additionally, we use high–pressure jetting machines in certain situations. High–pressure jetting machines are used to scour the inside of pipes, which results in a thorough cleaning.

If you are consistently experiencing problems with your drain lines, we recommend our technicians use a video pipe inspection camera to rule out any breaks, bellies, roots, or other obstructions that may be causing your problems. Once the source of the problem is determined, our technicians will provide you with solutions and pricing.

Bio-Ross & Root–X

Two products that we highly recommend for your drains to help prevent problems in the future are Bio-Ross and Root–X.

Bio-Clean is a drain maintenance product used to assist in keeping your lines open. It will not clear a blockage but it will help to prevent them.

Root–X is a great product to use when there are roots in your pipes, which can cause troublesome backups. When used properly, Root–X will stop the growth of roots and inhibit new growth for up to a year. Root–X treatments should be done annually to help prevent blockages. While there are many products on the market that claim they treat these problems, the majority of them can be harmful to wastewater pipes and the environment. Root–X is environmentally safe and approved for use in all 50 states by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Let us take care of your drain cleaning service with our extensive knowledge, training, and state-of-the-art equipment. If you want your drain cleaning service done right, contact Tim Beil Plumbing today for an appointment.

Call (610) 624-8768 for prompt and professional drain cleaning services in the Lehigh Valley.

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