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Kitchen Plumbing in the Lehigh Valley

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The kitchen is often the central hub of a home. Think of all that occurs within those walls. You cook dinner for your family and clean up after meals; you may help your children with their homework, or recount the events of the day over dessert. However it is that you use your kitchen, one thing is certain: You must know that your kitchen plumbing is in top working condition. The only way that you can be sure of this is to schedule kitchen plumbing services with a skilled, trained professional.

You’ll find the plumbers you need just a phone call away at Tim Beil Plumbing. Regardless of what kitchen plumbing services you may require, you can always count on our technicians to do the job right. Call (610) 624-8768 today to schedule your kitchen plumbing services with one of our professionals.

Tim Beil Plumbing provides kitchen plumbing services in the Lehigh Valley, Northampton County, and the surrounding areas. Call (610) 624-8768 or use our online form today!

Kitchen Plumbing Installation

Do you need a new kitchen sink? Is it time to invest in a new dishwasher or hot water dispenser? Do you have a refrigerator with a water dispenser or ice maker that needs a water line run to it? Whatever kitchen plumbing installation services that you may need, our professional plumbers will ensure that the work done is of the absolute highest quality. From brand new garbage disposals to kitchen sinks and dishwashers, we can install anything that you need to enjoy your kitchen to the fullest.

Kitchen Plumbing Replacement

You use the plumbing in your kitchen quite often, each and every day. As you can imagine, all of that wear and tear can really take a toll on your kitchen plumbing components over time. That means you will eventually have to replace some of those components with new, high–quality models. Whatever kitchen plumbing replacement you may need, trust our staff to install your new equipment properly. We are here to see to it that your kitchen has everything it needs to function dependably.

Kitchen Plumbing Repairs

Problems with your kitchen plumbing can put serious kinks in your daily routine. Attempting to resolve any such problems on your own, of course, can make the situation worse. If you have any reason at all to believe that you may require kitchen plumbing repairs, call upon our professional technicians immediately. The sooner that we complete your kitchen plumbing repairs, the better off your kitchen and its plumbing components are likely to be.

We Repair & Replace Garbage Disposals

Tim Beil Plumbing has dealt with many clogged drains due to the misuse of garbage disposals. We can handle any necessary repairs or take care of replacing older disposals. We stock 3/4 horsepower disposals on our trucks. While they are slightly more expensive than a smaller horsepower disposal, the larger horsepower will give you the capability of more efficient food particle cutting. Additionally, this will save you money on long-term maintenance. The 3/4 horsepower disposals have an excellent warranty and are very reliable as long as they are not misused.

We Service Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Make the most of your time in your kitchen by scheduling your kitchen sink plumbing services with the professional plumbers at Tim Beil Plumbing. Not only can we provide you with great options for kitchen sink installations, but we can also make repairs to the plumbing around your kitchen sink. When you work with us, we are confident you will be satisfied with the end results.

We Repair & Replace Kitchen Faucets

Over the years, we have installed and repaired numerous different brands of kitchen faucets. It is important to keep in mind that some faucet repair parts may be unavailable or difficult to find. If we determine this to be the case, we will make you aware of the situation and offer you other options for replacing your faucet.

While there are many options to choose from when it comes to faucets, we recommend and stock Delta products. We have found the quality and reliability of Delta products to be superior to other major name brand companies. In addition, Delta has a very large selection of styles from which to choose.

Additional Services we Provide

In addition to the above services for kitchen plumbing, we unclog pipes, repair leaks, and replace water lines. We can also work on the lines going to and from your dishwasher, whether they are leaking or blocked; however, we cannot work on the actual dishwasher. We can also run a new water line to your refrigerator or repair an existing line if there is an ice maker or water dispenser installed in the refrigerator. Keep in mind, a drinking water system can also be connected to your refrigerator line which will allow you to have fresh, clean, and great–tasting refrigerated water and ice cubes.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Services in the Lehigh Valley

The kitchen sink is probably one of the hardest working plumbing fixtures in your home. You use it to prepare food, clean up after, and generally keep the rest of your kitchen clear of waste. More than simply being a visual choice, your sink helps keep your kitchen running smoothly as a whole. If you need kitchen sink plumbing services you should hire someone trustworthy. Tim Beil Plumbing offers comprehensive kitchen sink plumbing services in the Lehigh Valley. Our plumbers have many years of professional experience installing and servicing sinks. Call us today at (610) 624-8768 with any questions, or to set up an appointment with one of our plumbers.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems to Watch for

Considering the amount of wear and tear that your sink accumulates over time, there are bound to be some issues that crop up now and then.

Let’s take a look at a couple of common plumbing problems you should watch for:

  • Clogs: Drain clogs are more likely in kitchen sinks since they handle food waste. This includes FOG, which stands for “Fats, Oils, and Grease.” FOG and other food waste tend to stick to the walls of the drain pipe, restricting the flow of water and eventually forming clogs. If your kitchen sink is draining more slowly or has bad smells coming from it, you should have the drain cleaned out to avoid a complete clog.
  • Leaks: It’s common to find the kitchen faucet leaking a little, and most homeowners ignore it assuming it to be harmless. Don’t ignore leaks! Even a small leak has the potential to waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water every year. If the leak is under the sink, it creates a prime environment for mold growth, which is hazardous to your health. If you notice a leak in or around your kitchen sink, get it fixed right away to save yourself from water waste and mold growth.

Why You Need Professional Kitchen Sink Plumbing Services

Installing a kitchen sink is not something that should be done by anyone but a professional. At best, a do–it–yourself installation is going to take more time and effort while saving a small amount of money. At worst, it can create a whole slew of problems that could have been easily avoided by hiring a professional. Instead of subjecting yourself to the inconvenience and frustration of trying to install one on your own, give us a call instead. We’ll make sure that your sink installation goes as smoothly as possible.

We Install, Repair, Maintain & Replace Kitchen Sinks

Whether you need a kitchen sink installed or serviced, we have the expertise to help you. Call Tim Beil Plumbing today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. We will make sure that your sink is in the best possible condition throughout its lifespan. With us handling your kitchen sink, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Call (610) 624-8768 for fast and effective kitchen plumbing services in the Lehigh Valley.

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