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Tankless Water Heater Services in the Lehigh Valley

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Are you looking for an alternative to conventional water heaters? Do you want to make sure that your hot water is produced as efficiently as possible? Are you looking to cut down on the amount of energy that your home consumes? Whatever your reasons for considering high-efficiency water heating systems, we can make sure that your needs are met. We offer several different options to those customers looking for an alternative to tank water heaters, including tankless systems. The tankless water heater can ensure that your hot water is not only bountiful but also costs less to produce.

Since 1967, we have been family owned and we have remained true to the principles that have allowed us to succeed for so long: Honesty, courtesy, and expertise. We can make sure that your tankless water heater is installed correctly or that your existing system is taken care of with our repair and maintenance services. You need only call on our team today to learn more about what we have to offer.

Tim Beil Plumbing provides tankless water heater services in the Lehigh Valley, Northampton County, and the surrounding areas. Call (610) 624-8768 to learn more!

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A conventional water heater works by heating your water supply to a specified temperature and then circulating it throughout the household according to which fixture or appliance is calling for what. It is a large, cylindrical tank with a heat exchanger inside and it’s typically installed in the basement. A tankless water heater is a bit different.

Instead of storing heated water in a large tank that remains ready for use, it instead heats your water supply on–demand. This means that it only turns on when you require hot water, rather than having to periodically reheat your water supply because of lost thermal energy. This makes it an incredibly efficient system, boasting ratings much higher than conventional systems. Tankless water heaters perform best and last longer with soft water. We suggest you have your water tested to be sure you have soft water.

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Like any other type of water heater, it’s essential that your tankless water heater is installed by a professional to ensure that it works just as it should. There’s simply no way around this fact. We offer comprehensive tankless water heater services in the Lehigh Valley so that you can find a system that is appropriately sized and that is well-integrated into your plumbing system. We not only install tankless systems from scratch, we also replace them in the event that yours is giving you trouble.

Tankless Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Is your tankless water heater not working as it should? Does it fail to provide you with adequate hot water? Whatever the issue may be, you can rely on our professional plumbers to handle all aspects of your tankless water heater repair needs. We specialize in diagnosing even the toughest issues for our clients and we can do the same for you. But, if you want to avoid water heater problems in the first place, it’s best to consider our tankless water heater maintenance service. Call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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