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Due to the many miles your water travels throughout aging underground pipes to reach your home, most city water is treated with chlorine to disinfect and sanitize your water supply prior to reaching your home. Using chlorine to remove bacteria and other contaminants is considered one of the most effective and inexpensive options for treating water.

While it is necessary for the water distribution center to treat your water with chlorine before it reaches your home, once the water enters your home, the chlorine is no longer necessary. Although this is a successful and economical way to treat your water, it does come at a price. A few of the most common effects of chlorine include an unpleasant taste and odor in your water, dry skin and hair, and possible damage to your appliances.

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The Difference that Chlorine Removal Makes

Have you ever thought about why your coffee and tea taste better when they are made somewhere other than your home? Perhaps the main ingredient, water, is to blame. If you can smell the chlorine in your water, you can rest assured you can taste it too. The coffee and tea may help mask the odor and taste to a degree, but the amount of chlorine in the water is still enough to alter the flavor of your beverage. By simply removing the chlorine from your water, you can enjoy great tasting water, coffee, and tea in the comfort of your home. While removing the chlorine from your water is a great starting point, installing a reverse osmosis system is the best solution for tackling your drinking and cooking water issues.

Have you ever tried to take a relaxing bath in your home, only to find that you smell chlorine instead of the bubble bath you poured into the tub? Along with hard water, the chlorine that you smell can result in both dry skin and hair. The chlorine removes the natural oils from your skin and hair, which dries them both out. A water softener will remove the hardness but you may still notice dryness if the chlorine is not removed from your water as well. Treat yourself to shiny, healthy hair and vibrant skin by removing chlorine from your water.

The Effects of Chlorine on Your Appliances

Although pipes are unlikely to become damaged by the presence of chlorine in your water, the components within your appliances and fixtures may be at risk. Most water-using appliances contain rubber seals and gaskets, which will dry out over time from the chlorine constantly passing through it. This will prohibit a good seal, which can lead to leaks and other potential problems, including decreasing the lifespan of your equipment. In our experience, chlorine has most commonly affected faucets, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. When you think about it, chlorine has some sort of effect on your home throughout the entire day.

Another important factor to keep in mind concerning chlorine is that it can decrease the efficiency of your water softener or even cause premature replacement. Resin is a material within your water softener that is made up of hard, tiny beads. The resin is what removes the hardness from your water and is an integral part of your softener. As time goes by, the chlorine going through the softener will break down the resin, turning the beads into a gel-like, mushy substance. At this point, the resin or the softener itself will need to be replaced in order to effectively soften your water.

Install a Kinetico Dechlorinator in Your Home

A Kinetico dechlorinator is a single tank or twin tank system, which is an effective solution to whole house chlorine removal as well as an excellent addition to any Kinetico water softener. Not only does the dechlorinator provide chlorine–free water to every faucet in your home, protecting your hair and skin, it protects your water softener and water-using appliances from the harsh effects of chlorine. Protect your home by installing a Kinetico dechlorinator today.

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